Zissis Mitras was born in 1945 in Myra of Larissa. There he took his first attempt in hand-making violin in 1985. This was a common endeavour with his brother Thanasis who is involved in the production process and a folk music violin performer. The initial incentive was given by his friend Ch. Papageorgiou who recognized his ability, virtuosity and persistence.

The initial exploration for raw material (sfendami wood) for manufacturing the bodies initiated in the mountainous area of Olympus, Kissavos and the wider region of Thessaly. All violin are being manufactured by Greek timber.

The initial production showed that the sound quality has been improving thus the craftmanship contiued.

In the early 90's Zissis Mitras was registered in "The STRAD" list of violin constructors fact that underlined his manufacturing uniqueness in Greece.

Many rather successful restorations have been conducted in a number of well-known musicians circumventing any loss of sound from the instrument.

Also many were the emissions and reportages in both public and private television channels illustrating the hand making of the instrument (ET3 - NET - ANT1 - MEGA CHANNEL).

After each violin is made it is examined for its acoustics by the former Director of the Greek Orchestra of Thessaloniki Mr. Patsalidis and also be well known professors of classical music of the public Conservatoire of Thessaloniki. Their observations on improving the quality of sound are being accepted as a challenge for our manufacturing methods.

The heritage of this magnificent production line is being carried forward to both his eldest and younger sons, George and Athanasios. George is already introduced into the first stages of production where as Athanasios has been awarded with a diploma in classical violin performance and degrees in both antistix and harmony. Our main objective is to achieve the best quality of sound from every single violin produced along with the recognition of Greek handmade violins in Greece and abroad.

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